Sarraounia Mangou

Sarraounia was the Queen of the Azna, a subgroup of the Hausa, who ruled in the Niger Republic, during the late 19th century. She was born with yellow eyes, like those of a panther and so the panther became the symbol of the Azna. She became queen at the age of 20, after her father’s death. Said to possess sorcerous powers, Sarraounia had, before the French invasion, fought wars on behalf of her people.


Known as the Battle of Lougou in 1899, the Voulet-Chanoine Mission met the strongest force and lost several men to the fighting. Sarraounia and her people raided the French on a nightly basis, appearing from what historians called the almost impenetrable bush where the Azna defended themselves when facing a superior enemy. They disappeared quickly into the bush after the raid. As many began talking about the magical prowess of the Queen, many of the army on the French side deserted the camp. Most of them were Africans who were forced into service. The attacks eventually came to an end and within three months, the expedition commanders Voulet and Chanoine were assassinated by their own soldiers over their refusal to obey orders from France and other atrocities. But many still attributed their deaths to the magical prowess of Sarraounia.

Sarraounia Mangou

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    These beads are small measuring approximately 13-14 beads per 1 inch. Each strand is as long as 40 inches allowing the customer to adjust the beads and tie them on according to her waist measurement.


    *Please note that the price listed above is for one strand of waist beads. Photo depicts multiple strands solely for photographic purposes.

  • How to Wear

    To secure your waist beads, tie them around your waist, remove excess beads and knot them twice. 


    If you are planning to lose weight, tie them higher on your waist than you desire them to be (as you lose weight the beads will lower). In reverse, if you wish to gain weight, tie them lower than you desire them to be (as you gain weight the beads will rise).


    *Beads can be worn while swimming, bathing etc.*