Queen Nandi

Queen Nandi was the mother and advisor of Shaka Zulu. She faced many tribulations as a result of having Shaka out of wedlock with Senzagakhona and having broken the rule of forbidden inter-clan marriage. Eventually Nandi and her son Shaka fled from the Zulu tribe, because Nandi feared for her son’s life. They wandered from place to place until they arrived at the Mthethwa clan where they were treated with compassion by the clan leader Diniswago. Diniswago taught Shaka how to rule and fight and Shaka returned to claim his right as Chief of the Zulu. Shaka made Nandi the clan queen and as the years went on, Shaka started to treat his mother with reverence, almost as a god-like figure.

Queen Nandi

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    These beads are very small measuring 21-22 beads per inch.


    This is the only piece featured on this site that has an attached metal clasp. With this, the waist beads can be removed and put back on at anytime.


    *Please note that the price listed above is for one strand of waist beads. Photo depicts multiple strands solely for photographic purposes.

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