Empress Taytu

Empress Taytu was the wife of Menelik II of Ethiopia. She encouraged him to declare war against Italy at the Battle of Adwa, tearing up the 1889 Treaty of Wuchale between the Ethiopian Empire and Italy. In this treaty article 17 had two different meanings in the Amharic and Italian versions. The Amharic version recognized the sovereignty of Ethiopia and its relationship with Italy as a diplomatic partnership, while the Italian version made Ethiopia Italy’s protectorate. Empress Taytu was the first to agitate the hesitant Emperor and other men to stand up for liberty and dignity against Italian aggression. As a military strategist, she facilitated the downfall of Italy at the Battle of Adwa. Taytu fought on the frontline, motivated men against retreat and bravely commanded her own battalion on the battlefield.

Empress Taytu

  • Product Info

    These beads are medium measuring approximately 10-11 beads per 1 inch. Each strand is as long as 42 inches allowing the customer to adjust the beads and tie them on according to her waist measurement.


    *Please note that the price listed above is for one strand of waist beads. Photo depicts multiple strands solely for photographic purposes.

  • How to Wear

    To secure your waist beads, tie them around your waist, remove excess beads and knot them twice. 


    If you are planning to lose weight, tie them higher on your waist than you desire them to be (as you lose weight the beads will lower). In reverse, if you wish to gain weight, tie them lower than you desire them to be (as you gain weight the beads will rise).


    *Beads can be worn while swimming, bathing etc.*