Queen Nzinga

Queen Nzinga became Queen of the Mbundu when her brother committed suicide in the face of rising Portuguese demands for slave trade concessions. In 1627, after forming alliances with former rival states, she led her army against the Portuguese initiating a thirty-year war against them. Nzinga orchestrated guerilla attacks on the Portuguese which would continue long after her death and inspire resistance in the 20th Century leading to the independence of Angola in 1975.

Queen Nzinga

  • Product Info

    These beads are thick measuring approximately 5-6 beads per 1 inch. Each strand is as long as 42 inches allowing the customer to adjust the beads and tie them on according to her waist measurement.


    *Please note that the price listed above is for one strand of waist beads. Photo depicts multiple strands solely for photographic purposes.

  • How to Wear

    To secure your waist beads, tie them around your waist, remove excess beads and knot them twice. 


    If you are planning to lose weight, tie them higher on your waist than you desire them to be (as you lose weight the beads will lower). In reverse, if you wish to gain weight, tie them lower than you desire them to be (as you gain weight the beads will rise).


    *Beads can be worn while swimming, bathing etc.*